Ensure that program personnel are responsive to requests for information on the appropriate uses of various dispute resolution processes available in your state. They must have easily accessible online materials about each process that they can reference and direct people to as needed. The facilitation program manager will need to respond to questions about facilitation and assist facilitators with any issues or concerns as they arise.

Critical Considerations
  • Are program personnel answering the phones well-versed in the different dispute resolution options, including IEP facilitation and the online resources available?
  • How are personnel trained and supported?
  • Is there a back-up person to support the facilitation program manager when they are unavailable to provide technical assistance?
Lessons Learned
  • Do not assume that materials sent to the participants or available online will be understood. Ensure there is someone who can answer questions or explain options.
  • It is common for teams to look to the facilitator for answers or ask, “What do you think?”  Facilitators may know the answers to the questions, but being the team’s content expert is generally outside of the facilitator model. It’s best to empower parties to find answers together, although knowing what questions to ask is crucial.