Materials & Delivery Mechanisms

Indicator: Materials are available in multiple formats and various delivery mechanisms are used to disseminate information (e.g., website, brochures, videos, presentations to various stakeholder groups, electronic announcements). 

Information about the dispute resolution system and the available processes is publicly available in multiple formats via a range of delivery mechanisms (while ensuring confidentiality requirements are met). Web-based and printed resources are developed for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences. Informational presentations are tailored to stakeholder groups and delivered regularly.

Examples: brochures, FAQs, website, videos, forms, presentations at various meetings and conferences, co-led presentations by multiple agencies, presentations to blended audiences

Critical Questions for Consideration

  • How are formats (e.g., brochure, video) determined?
  • How will content to various targeted audiences (e.g., newsletters, presentations) be delivered?
  • How do people find program content?
    • Is it easy to navigate the website to find information on each available due process option?