Program Access & Delivery

Successful dispute resolution systems have mechanisms in place that enable people to easily access all available dispute resolution options. Attention is also given to ensure that high-quality services are delivered in a timely manner. Consideration is given to the following elements of program access and delivery: intake process, case management, technical assistance, participant preparation, as well as diversity and inclusion.

Intake Process

Available dispute resolution processes are understandable, comprehensive, accessible and not burdensome for intended audiences.

Case Management

Cases are managed in a timely, consistent, compliant, and effective manner.

Technical Assistance

Information is shared on the appropriate uses of various dispute resolution processes available and how to access them.

Participant Preparation

Resources and supports are available to help potential participants prepare for a specific dispute resolution process.

Diversity & Inclusion

Efforts are made to understand the interests and experiences of individuals from diverse and underserved communities and how they are impacted by the system.

External Resources

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