Resource Allocation

Indicator: Sufficient resources to implement and monitor dispute resolution activities are allocated and available.

An appropriate number of capable personnel and contractors who respect and reflect the diversity of those being served are available to manage the system and deliver services. Resources are allocated for stakeholder engagement, public awareness and outreach, and professional development, including training in dispute prevention and collaboration skills. Cost effective strategies are implemented with fidelity and adequately supported, including early resolution options likely to reduce the need for more costly and adversarial dispute resolution options. Partnerships and existing structures are leveraged to increase capacity and minimize redundancies.

Examples: funding, dedicated staff/FTE, leveraged resources, early dispute resolution processes like facilitated IEP meetings

Critical Questions for Consideration

  • What fiscal and human resources are allocated to operate the DR system?
  • Are these resources sufficient to complete the work effectively and efficiently?
  • How are financial and human resource decisions made?
  • Are there cost-saving measures that can be implemented without sacrificing quality?
  • In what ways can partnerships and existing structures be leveraged to increase capacity and minimize redundancies?