Anita Engiles Keys to Access

Photo of Anita Engiles

In order to further CADRE’s objective of encouraging the broadest possible access to the full range of conflict resolution options, and, to honor individuals and organizations that build schools and communities that are respectful of cultural, linguistic and class differences, we are pleased to present the Anita Engiles Keys to Access Award.

CADRE presents the Anita Engiles Keys to Access Award to an individual or entity that has supported special education programs, early intervention services, and/or persons with disabilities and has:

  • Promoted the welfare of society and supported peaceful and welcoming communities
  • Demonstrated the value of diversity in policy, practice and perspective
  • Encouraged cooperative processes among institutions in our society
  • Supported collaborative relationships between individuals with the goal of achieving an inclusive society
  • Promoted justice, equity and respect for all individuals
  • Embodied in professional and personal relationships those qualities that foster and support full participation and self-determination

Watch a video about the Award:

Anita Engiles Keys to Access en Español