Qualifications & Selection

Indicator: Requirements (e.g., relevant experience, education, and training) for dispute resolution program personnel and practitioners are defined and used during the recruiting and selection process.

When making selections, consideration is given to anticipated need and coverage, perceptions of neutrality, diversity, experience, education, training, and demonstrable skills. Practitioners reflect the population of those being served.

Examples: job description, practitioner roster, procurement protocols

Critical Questions for Consideration

  • What knowledge and skill sets do dispute resolution program personnel and each type of practitioner need to have to perform satisfactorily? What are the minimum qualifications for personnel positions and each type of practitioner?  What training and support will be provided to close any gaps between initial capacity and performance expectations?
  • How will openings be advertised? What other recruitment strategies will be utilized? How might you partner with other organizations to disseminate information about openings?
  • What criteria will be used during the selection process? Does the selection criteria disadvantage a particular population over another unnecessarily?
  • What strategies will you use to minimize biases during the selection process?