IEP facilitation is likely a new experience for parents and possibly the school staff. Preparing the participants can help set the stage for a successful meeting. Participants should know what will happen after a request for facilitation is received, what to expect at the meeting, and what to expect from the SEA/agency after.

Critical Considerations
  •  What do participants need to know in order to participate in the meeting?
  •  What additional expectations do you need to share with the participants about the process?
Lessons Learned
  • Communicate the expected boundaries with parties and the facilitator. For example, what should the facilitator do if the meeting is expected to proceed when there is not a fully constituted IEP team present?
  • Prepare parties for their roles during the meeting. For example, ask who will be taking the minutes. It is not uncommon for teams to think this is part of the facilitator’s job.
  • Have only one contact at the LEA who is responsible for sharing information with the rest of the school team, however, do not assume all the information has been shared.