All parents can and should participate meaningfully in their children’s education, including those whose children receive special education services. Research demonstrates that parent/family involvement significantly contributes to improved student outcomes. Engagement between family members and educators is seen through coordinated efforts as well as joint agenda setting and decision-making and is evidenced by higher levels of trust.

The Sacramento SELPA contracts with an Independent Facilitator to provide consultation and support to both educators and families to work effectively together and arrive at a mutually agreeable outcome.

Several programs and strategies implemented by the Poway Unified School District are highlighted in this Continuum Practice to show the benefits of taking a comprehensive and systemic approach to family engagement.

ECAC - Race and Ethnic Background in Special Education

In partnership with Learning for Equity: A Network for Solutions (LENS-NC), ECAC spoke with families and educators from across the state to discuss the impact of race and ethnic background on students with learning disabilities. This 15 minute video explores: conversations about equity in special...Learn more



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