All parents can and should participate meaningfully in their children’s education, including those whose children receive special education services. Research demonstrates that parent/family involvement significantly contributes to improved student outcomes. Engagement between family members and educators is seen through coordinated efforts as well as joint agenda setting and decision-making and is evidenced by higher levels of trust.

The Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership is parents and professionals working together to improve outcomes for students with disabilities by enhancing communication and collaboration between families, educators and the community.

The Georgia C.A.F.E. Model for Authentic Stakeholder Engagement is a powerful testament of what can happen when people step out of their traditional rows and move into circles. Standing for “Circles of Adults Focusing on Education,” C.A.F.E.s bring together persons of authority with persons of influence to truly listen to one another with the intention of creating a shared understanding around complex education issues.

Youth voices are often not heard or respected by adults. DC Youth Leadership Network creates opportunities for youth to experience, learn and lead in a supportive environment and safe space.


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