Family with childThis guide is a companion resource to the Cultural and Linguistic Competence Dispute Resolution (DR) System Self-assessment Tool (CLC Tool) to support the engagement of families in the assessment process, especially those from underserved populations who may be less likely to use dispute resolution options due to language, access, or socio-economic barriers. Although the focus of this guide is specific to the CLC self-assessment process, the practical suggestions for engaging underserved families offered throughout can be applied more broadly.

This guide was informed by the states who piloted the CLC Tool, as well as consultants, CADRE Advisory Board members, and families of children with disabilities.
Myriam Alizo, Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN)
Terry Amsler, Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental
Young Seh Bae, Community Inclusion & Development Alliance
Megan Cote, National Center on Deaf-Blindness
Alyssa Fairbanks, Washington State Department of Education, OSPI
Tawara Goode, Georgetown University National Center for Cultural Competence
Ross Kaplan, Washington D.C. OSSE, State Complaint Office
Amanda Maston, Parent
Luann Purcell, Consultant, National Council for Administrators of Special Education (retired)
Esperanza Reyes, Utah Parent Center
Darlene Sampson, Diversity and Equity Consultant
Courtney Salzer, Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training, and Support
Danielle Short, Parent
Ann Turnbull, University of Kansas
Sharon Walsh, Early Intervention Consultant (DEC, ITCA, ECTA, DaSY)