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Resolution Meetings: A Guide for Parents - Spanish

Resolution Session Report - Florida

Resolution Session Report - Florida

Resolution Sessions Tracking Form - Arizona

Resolution Sessions Tracking Form - Arizona

RI - Due Process Hearing Procedures - Resolution Session Excerpt

RI - Resolution Session Reporting Form

RMF Brochure_English_Dec2013.pdf

RMF Card_ENGLISH_Dec2013.pdf

SPAN - Role of Parent Centers in Helping Prepare for Resolution Session

SPAN - The Resolution Session Under IDEA 2001: A Guide for Parents

UT - District Parent Consultants (2013)

UT - Memo of Agreement for Parent Consultant

WI - The Resolution Meeting: A Guide for Parents and Educators (IDEA 2004)

We will work with participants to build advanced conflict management skills in handling impasse in special education disputes.

Contra Costa SELPA's model of facilitation for Resolution Meetings has proven highly successful in the first year of implementation. Drawing on techniques from IEP facilitation and local mediation, our trained Resolution Meeting Managers lead participants through a simple process of reviewing issues, clarifying positions, analyzing differences and writing agreements. With or without attorneys present, this process has resulted in a 70% success rate in settling Due Process cases in a 16 district local consortium. Participants in this session will learn and have an opportunity to practice the 4...