Dick Zeller, CADRE & Joy Markowitz, DAC
This is an edited reconstruction of a March 1, 2010 Webinar presented by CADRE and the DAC on Dispute Resolution Data Quality and Analysis.

DAC-CADRE LogoOn March 1, 2010, CADRE and DAC co-sponsored a webinar on Dispute Resolution Data Quality and Analysis.  This page includes links to CADRE and DAC materials, a reconstructed flash video of the presentation and discussion, as well as a transcript of the "chat" function from the webinar with comments.

The webinar reviewed the collaborative work done by CADRE and DAC to review the accuracy and improve the usefulness of Dispute Resolution data reported by states. The uses and future adjustments to DAC's Data Transmission Spreadsheet and CADRE's Data Drill Tool were both discussed.  Both these resources can be used to assist states to check the accuracy of Table 7 (Part B) or Table 4 (Part C) data.  CADRE's Data Drill Tool is designed to help states analyze Annual Performance Report Dispute Resolution data and use various calculated measures in improvement planning of state dispute resolution systems. The webinar features a demonstration of the Data Drill Tool in its development.   CADRE intends to update this tool in time for 2009-2010 improvement planning by states (by June 2010). CADRE seeks feedback from users of this "beta" version.

The recording of the webinar (click graphic) and access to a downloadable copy of the Data Drill Tool are below. This video lasts about 22.5 minutes. (Viewing it will require Adobe Flash player, a free download.)

Webinar Recording

If you have feedback or suggestions for the development of the "Data Drill Tool," please contact Dick Zeller at . A copy of the Tool is available for download at the bottom of this page.

If you have feedback or questions about the DAC Data Transmission Spreadsheet (DTS), please contact Carol Bruce at Copies of the Part B and Part C DTS forms are available at:

Download the CADRE "Data Drill Tool" and record of the chat function from the webinar below. Other CADRE APR/SPP TA resources are available at: