During The Fifth National Symposium on Dispute Resolution in Special Education, with support from the JAMS Foundation, CADRE's Director Marshall Peter conducted interviews with ten different representatives from the field of dispute resolution and special education. The interviews encompass a wide range of topics, including thoughts on mediation, IEP facilitation, hearing officer training and evaluation, and stakeholder engagement. Also included on this page are links to interviews CADRE conducted with our four Exemplar States. The videos are organized below alphabetically. Please click on the link to view the selection of excerpts from the interviews.

Greg Abell, Principal, Sound Options Group, LLC

Diana MTK Autin, Executive Co-Director, NEPACT/Region 1 PTAC at the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

Nissan Bar-Lev, Director of Special Education, CESA #7 and Partner, Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System

Jo Anne Pool Blades, Program Manager, Oklahoma Special Education Resource Center

Fran Fletcher, Policy Scientist, University of Delaware

Jim Gerl, Mediator, Hearing Officer, Trainer, Special Ed Law Consultant, Scotti and Gerl

Kacey Gregson, Director of Dispute Resolution, Arizona Department of Education

Jody Manning, Parent Training & Information Center Coordinator, PACER Center of Minnesota

Patricia McGinnis, ADR Coordinator, Minnesota Department of Education

Tracy Gershwin Mueller, Associate Professor, University of Northern Colorado

Kerry Smith, Director, Pennsylvania Office for Dispute Resolution

Cindy Swain, Manager of Special Education, Support Service/Complaint Investigations, Texas Education Agency

Patricia Williams, Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Education

Dee Ann Wilson, Formerly Consultant, Special Education Consumer Relations, Iowa Department of Education

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