Lead Agencies are required to administer mediation procedures that align with the federal requirements under Part C of IDEA.

To assist States with meeting the requirements under IDEA, several resources have been curated or developed.  These resources are not intended to interpret, modify, or replace any procedural safeguards or requirements of federal or state law.

Featured CADRE Resources

State Administration of Mediation Under Part C of IDEA Manual

This manual includes information on the requirements for the state administration of mediation under Part C of IDEA along with OSEP implementation guidance. Linked citations and other helpful resources, such as OSEP memos and letters are included. CADRE also offers some coaching questions and system improvement strategies for consideration.

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Improving Your State’s Mediation System

There is considerable flexibility as to how states administer mediation under IDEA. CADRE encourages states to assess their dispute resolution systems and processes, plan for improvement, and attend to the critical management functions of effective DR systems and

processes by utilizing the information and tools found on CADRE’s Improving Your System online resource. To ensure alignment of procedures and products with federal regulations, use OSEP’s Dispute Resolution Self-Assessment tool.

For state examples, visit CADRE’s Main Library and use the filter to refine your search or post a query to the listserv to request the most updated resources from your peers.

OSEP Resources

IDEA Part C Dispute Resolution Regulations

            Section 303.431 Mediation Procedures

Questions and Answers on IDEA Part B Dispute Resolution Procedures  (2013)