Many States have found it beneficial to adopt alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs in order to resolve disputes as soon as possible. Examples of ADR options include:

  • Parent-to-parent assistance
  • IDEA meeting facilitation
  • The use of telephone intermediaries, case managers, ombudsperson, or third party consultants
  • And more!

To assist States with exploring and developing alternative dispute resolution options, several resources have been curated or developed. 

Featured CADRE Resources

Customizable Slide Deck

This customizable slide deck offers States an overview of some common alternative dispute resolution options States may want to consider adopting.  This slide deck can be customized to better meet the needs of your audience.

Slide deck screenshot

File Alternative Dispute Resolution FINAL accessible.pptx

Online Facilitation Program Guide


Featured Practices in CADRE’s Continuum

Developing and Improving ADR programs

CADRE encourages States to assess their dispute resolution systems and processes, plan for improvement, and attend to the critical management functions of effective DR systems and processes by utilizing the information and tools found on CADRE’s Improving Your System online resource.

For state examples, visit CADRE’s Main Library and use the filter to refine your search or post a query to the listserv to request the most updated resources from your peers.