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DC - Ombuds Annual Report (2017)

DC - Ombuds Outreach Flyer

DC - Ombudsman Quarter 1 and 2 Report School Year 2017-18

DC - OSSE Dispute Resolution Processes Parent Training

DC - Resolution Period Disposition Form

DE - Special Education Mediation for Families and Schools - Spanish

DE - 20 Questions You Should Answer Before Creating an IEP Facilitation System

DE - Frequently Asked Questions - SPARC Virtual Mediation

DE - Guide to Family Rights (Part C)

DE - Guía a los Derechos de la Familia bajo IDEA Parte C

DE - IEP Meeting Facilitation Services

DE - IEP Meeting Facilitation Services - Spanish

DE - Leading a Virtual IEP Meeting Checklist

DE - Participating in a Virtual IEP Meeting Checklist

DE - Special Education Mediation for Families and Schools

DE-4 IEP Meeting Facilitation Services Brochure 2012

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Posted December 2017 (Rev May 2018) The summary below features data for school years (July 1-June 30) 2004-05 through 2015-16. For each data element, the number of events reported by the state is also provided as the number of events per 10,000 students enrolled in special education. This "per 10K" rate provides a way to compare the relative frequency across states – a more “apples to apples” comparison. For more information on dispute resolution data or this summary, contact CADRE .
This study reviews state databases and examines the ratio of dispute resolution cases per 10,000. A CADRE Publication
Below is a crosswalk of the data elements used to report IDEA-related dispute resolution activity for Part B (Table 7) and Part C (Table 4). This crosswalk references changes in the dispute resolution data elements from 2004 through 2012.

Introduction The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act includes a number of procedural safeguards designed to protect the rights of parents and their child with a disability, as well as give families and schools a mechanism for resolving disputes. Procedures to handle disputes including complaints, mediation requests and due process hearings have been developed by each state along with policies designed to insure the presence of the safeguards. With policies and procedures in place, most states developed tracking systems to ensure that alternative dispute resolution procedures were...
About the Webinar: This was a special webinar for people to get ideas on how to use these new, parent-friendly guides on mediation, due process hearings, written State complaints, and resolution meetings. This webinar also described the collaborative process that CADRE used to develop the guides. The new parent-friendly guides on special education dispute resolution are available for download from the CADRE website: Presenters: Marshall Peter, CADRE Ruth Ryder, OSEP Jan Serak, WI FACETS Myriam Alizo, NJ SPAN Bob Rutten, ND Office of...