Stakeholder training is aimed at equipping stakeholders - parents, educators, service providers, advocates and others - with skills that enhance their capacity to communicate, negotiate and prevent conflict from escalating. A wide variety of topics may be included in the training curriculum and the learning setting can vary from short workshops provided to small groups, to all-day courses provided at state-wide conferences. 

Voices from the Field: Greg Abell

Greg Abell is the Principal at Sound Options Group, LLC, which is responsible for the delivery of all special education mediation services for the State of Washington. He also consults nationally in the design and delivery of ADR systems. Prior to entering the field of Alternative Dispute...Learn more

Voices from the Field: Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams is a consultant with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction who works in the area of special education procedural compliance. She is the coordinator for the State IDEA complaint process and is the liaison to the Due Process Hearing System. Patricia is a former WDPI liaison...Learn more

Voices from the Field: Diana Autin

Diana Autin is the Executive Co-Director of the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN), NJ’s Parent Training and Information Center. She also co-directs NE-PACT, the Region 1 Parent Technical Assistance Center, providing technical assistance and capacity-building to the federally-funded parent...Learn more

The Involvement of Students in Their Special Education Mediations

This document was published in September 2003 and updated August 2007. Little, if anything, has been written about how to determine when student participation in special education mediations might be appropriate. What possibilities exist for the role of the student in a mediation regarding the...Learn more


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