Stakeholder training is aimed at equipping stakeholders - parents, educators, service providers, advocates and others - with skills that enhance their capacity to communicate, negotiate and prevent conflict from escalating. A wide variety of topics may be included in the training curriculum and the learning setting can vary from short workshops provided to small groups, to all-day courses provided at state-wide conferences. 

Student-led Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) allow students with disabilities to take a meaningful role in the special education planning process.

Learning From Parents of Children With Disabilities

*/ [Abstract] The purpose of this intrinsic case study was to examine the impact that interactions with parents of children with disabilities might have on 10 graduate students (6 men and 4 women) between the ages of 22 and 32 years (M = 26.7 years, SD = 3.5) enrolled in a 3-week intensive music...Learn more

Since 2009, the Special Education Resolution Center (SERC) has been offering stakeholder training to help build capacity at the local level for productively managing conflict to best meet the needs of students with disabilities. A key goal of the SERC is “to help schools and families resolve issues at the earliest stage possible.” To further this goal, the SERC provides various options for stakeholder training in conflict resolution, including individualized training, a training titled “Engaging in Challenging Conversations,” a six-module course titled “Essential Skills for Engaging in Conflict” that is available online, and resources on “Good Meeting Management.”

OSEP Leadership Dispute Resolution Cluster Presentations

OSEP established a Dispute Resolution Cluster Group to compile and present information on APR/SPP activities. At the August 2007 OSEP Leadership Conference this Cluster Group members presented information on Dispute Resolution activities reported by states, opportunities for collaboration to ensure...Learn more


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