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AK PTI - IEP Meetings: What to Expect Before, During & After the Meeting

AL - 60-Day Special Education Complaint Letter

AL - A Guide for Families

AL - Facilitated Individualized Education Program (FIEP) Team Meeting Brochure

AL - Mediated Agreement

AL - Mediation Conference Confidentiality

AL - Mediation with No Agreement

AL - Policy for Accepting Electronic Submissions of Written State Complaints and Due Process Hearing Requests

AL - Q&A About Mediation

AL - Quick Tips - Understanding Due Process

AL - Quick Tips - Understanding Mediation

AL - Quick Tips - Understanding the Complaint Process

AL - Request for Facilitated IEP Team Meeting

AL - Request for Impartial Due Process Hearing

AL - Request for Proposals-Due Process Hearing Officer

AL - Request for Special Education Mediation

AL - RFP for IEP Facilitator

AL - RFP for Independent IDEA Mediators

AL - RFP: IDEA Dispute Resolution Interpretation and Translation

APEC - IEP Conflict vs. Collaboration

APEC - IEP Tips for a Successful Meeting

APEC - Resolving Disputes in Special Education

These documents contain the 2022 (FFY 2020-21) SPP/APR Analyses for the Dispute Resolution Indicators (B15 & B16 and C9 & C10). For the Analyses completed by OSEP-funded Technical Assistance and Dissemination projects visit OSEP's SPP/APR Communities Resources webpage .

AR - Request for Mediation & IEP Facilitation - Online Submission