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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

AFC - Guide to Impartial Hearings

AZ - Due Process Procedures

BIE - Resolution Session and Due Process Hearing Procedures in Special Education - Due Process Hearing Officer Manual (2007)

DREDF - A Guide for California Parents: Special Education Due Process and the Resolution Meeting

This document is a sample of a Due Process Hearing Extension Order. It serves as a tool that states may choose to use to document extensions, length of extensions, and new dates for a hearing and decision that meets the timelines required by IDEA.

FL - A Parent's Guide to Understanding Due Process Hearings for Early Steps

IA - Timelines involving Due Process Complaint

ID - Vendor Service Agreement - Lead Hearing Officer

IN - Hearing Officer Manual

MA - So You Will Be Going To A Special Education Hearing Without A Lawyer

MEPF-9 - Parents Right Card

MPACT - Due Process Timelines

NC - Hearing Timelines Under IDEA 2004

NH - Hearing Officer's Guide to Administrative Process

NH - Memo Regarding Special Education Impartial Due Process Hearings; Users' Guide & Scheduling of Proceedings

NH - Pro-Se Parent Guide Due Process Hearings - PowerPoint

OK - Due Process Guidelines for Parents and School Administrators

OK - Due Process Guidelines for Parents and School Administrators

OK - Due Process Parent Handbook - What is a Due Process Complaint? How Do You File?

OKPC - Parent Rights Card

OKPC- Parent Rights Handout Spanish

PA - Procedures for Dept. of Public Welfare Early Intervention Program Due Process Hearings

During 2011-2013, staff members from seven Lead Agencies joined CADRE staff, along with representatives from ECTA, WRRC, and ITCA, to convene an Early Intervention dispute resolution workgroup. The group met quarterly by teleconference and web meeting, and focused on identifying and developing dispute resolution training resources, model policies, and forms specific to Part C of IDEA. This page is a repository of shared resources from the group's work together. Use or reproduction of any of the materials on this page is allowed and permission to copy is not required. Please give recognition...