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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

In collaboration with CADRE, the IDEA Partnership has developed a Dialogue Guide on the important topic of dispute resolution. Using CADRE's work on early and innovative dispute resolution processes, the Partnership has developed both an Executive Summary of CADRE's document Beyond Mediation: Strategies For Appropriate Early Dispute Resolution In Special Education and a Dialogue Starter for Dispute Resolution. Dialogue Guides are models for conducting interactive discussions across stakeholders (families, practitioners, professional associations, professors, policymakers, legislators) in...
An educational advocate, also known as a parent advocate, child advocate, student advocate, or independent advocate, assists parents of students with disabilities in navigating the complex world of special education. For a fee, professional advocates provide information, guidance and support throughout the IEP process to encourage decisions that meet the needs of the student. This guide, developed by CADRE, will assist parents in: Asking interview questions that will help get an understanding of an advocate’s approach to providing support Connecting with parent centers in their state...
This document was published in July 2002. More information on IDEA 2004 .
Esta publicación ha sido desarrollada por CADRE (Consorcio para la Resolución Apropiada de Disputas en la Educación Especial) con el fin de responder a la gran cantidad de preguntas que muchos padres, maestros, y administradores, entre otras personas tienen acerca de la mediación.
Following OSEP’s release of a Q&A on IDEA Part B Dispute Resolution in July 2013, CADRE was asked to create a set of companion resources for parents and families. In response, CADRE developed five parent guides and a process comparison chart with the support of parent leaders from across the country. You can access these parent guides by clicking on each process below or in the side navigation. Most of the guides are available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Hmong, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Somali. In...
Video of Webinar: Introducing the Part C Dispute Resolution Family Guides About the Webinar: This webinar provides parent centers and families with ideas on how to use these new, family-friendly guides on mediation, due process hearings, and written State complaints designed with the Part C families in mind. This webinar also describes the collaborative process that CADRE used to develop the guides. The new family-friendly guides on special education dispute resolution are now available for download from the CADRE website, in addition to the new Quick Guide to Special Education Dispute...
This comparison chart was finalized November of 2013.
This easy to use comparison chart looks at dispute resolution processes from a variety of perspectives. It was developed following OSEP’s release of a Q&A on IDEA Part B Dispute Resolution in July 2013. At that time, CADRE was asked to create a set of companion resources for parents and families. In addition to this chart, CADRE developed five parent guides around dispute resolution processes. Tell us what you think of the document, please click here to take a short survey. (link is external)
Este Documento fue publicado en Febrero de 2005. Mas informacion sobre IDEA 2004. Esta guía prove una introducción a la facilitación de IEP para los padres y otros miembros de la familia para orientarlos a esta práctica emergente. View this document in English .
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This 'tip sheet' was developed to provide coordinators of mediation programs with ideas and strategies on how to improve their mediation agreement rate.
Following an extensive review, CADRE identified four States with exemplary dispute resolution systems. In September 2009, CADRE brought together Dee Ann Wilson of Iowa, Jo Anne Pool Blades of Oklahoma, Kerry Smith of Pennsylvania, and Jack Marker of Wisconsin. A discussion during the September meeting resulted in a list of "Top Tips" that these four leaders believe would be of value to other State dispute resolution system managers.