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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

IA - Email to AEA Special Education Director when a preappeal conference is filed

IA - Form letter to LEA Secretary notifying district of a DP Complaint filing

IA - Group Discussion Worksheet

IA - Historical Background of Training provided by the Iowa Peace Institute

IA - Job Description Mediation Shepherd

IA - Job Description Resolution Facilitator

IA - Legally binding mediation agreement form

IA - Legally Binding Resolution Meeting Agreement Form

IA - Letter re: Sources of legal assistance specific to a DP request

IA - Letter to all participants in a preappeal conference

IA - Mandated Signatures for Legally Binding Written Agreement

IA - Mediator's Guide to Special Education Preappeal Conferences June 2010

IA - Meeting Notes for Stakeholder Training

IA - Model Form to Assist Parent/Guardian in Filing a Complaint

IA - Model Form to Assist Parents/Guardians in Requesting a Mediation Conference

IA - Model form to assist parents/guardians to file a DP complaint (hearing)

IA - Notifying AEA/LEA of pending complaint and requirements for the Resolution Meeting

IA - Overview of Training Programs

IA - Parental Rights Summary

IA - Position and Training Paper

IA - Post Mediation Next Steps

IA - Preappeal Agreement Follow-up Survey to LEA

IA - Preappeal Letter to Special Education Director

IA - Preappeal or mediation evaluation form

IA - Preappeal procedures