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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

PA - Mediation Rules for Medicaid Waivers

PA - Mediation Rules for Special Education

PA - Mediator Contract Requirements Nov. 2010

PA - Mock Mediation Video

PA - No Contact After Mediation Request Letter

PA - Parent Confirmation Letter of Mediation Scheduled

PA - Parents Guide to Mediation

PA - Part C Mediation Confirmation Letter - Service Provider

PA - Spanish - Mediation Processes Guide

PA - Spanish - Mediation Request Form

Parent Agreement to Mediate - BIE

Parent Agreement to Mediate - BIE

Parent Evaluation Form - BIE

Parent Evaluation Form - BIE

RI - Mediation Brochure

SC - Mediated Agreement - Sample 1

SC - Mediated Agreement - Sample 2

SC - Mediation Agreement - Sample 3

On May 1, 2013 , CADRE hosted a free webinar with Prof. Richard Birke, Director, Willamette University Center for Dispute Resolution, The Mediator's Mind: Insights from Psychology and Neuroscience. Video of CADRE Webinar-The Mediator's Mind: Insights from Psychology and Neuroscience 5.1.13 About the Webinar : Cognitive and behavioral psychology offer a treasure trove of insights into the ways negotiators and mediators resolve conflict. Now, neuroscience has added greatly to our understanding of the mind. Modern technology allows unprecedented access to the mechanisms of the brain as...
This resource guide presents an overview of mediation evaluation with a specific focus on how to make use of participant questionnaires in evaluating mediation programs. A CADRE Publication. This document was published in December 2002 and updated in August 2007.

UT - FAQ About Special Education Mediation

UT - Parent Request for Mediation

VA - Mediator Expectation Agreement

Art Stewart has trained mediators in 22 states, Kenya and Canada. He has testified before Congress on the use of mediation for special education issues. He wrote: “When Parents and Educators Do Not Agree: Using Mediation to Resolve Conflicts About Special Education 1995,” “Preparing for Mediation and Resolution Sessions 2009,” and contributed a chapter on “Building Trust and Resolving Conflict in Special Education” to The Handbook for Administration and Leadership in Special Education 2012. He coordinated the special education mediation program in Massachusetts for fifteen years and is...
Jim Gerl is a special education law consultant, is licensed to practice law in West Virginia, Illinois and the District of Columbia, and is the author of the award winning Special Education Law Blog. He has spoken on special education law topics at numerous state, regional and national conferences, and is a regular faculty member for the conferences of the National Association of Hearing Officials. Jim has trained hearing officers from all states, and works with a number of state departments of education. Clip 1: You've had extensive experience with due process hearings as a hearings officer...
Melanie Reese has been the Dispute Resolution Coordinator for the Idaho State Dept. of Education since 2010. As a Professor Emeritus from Boise State University (1995-2009), she serves on the BSU Dispute Resolution Graduate Program’s Advisory Council and teaches courses in mediation, negotiation, and facilitation of groups in conflict, and has co-authored two textbooks: Mediation Theory and Practice and Personal Conflict Management . Previously, Melanie was the Faculty Ombudsman for the College of Western Idaho and served on the Executive Board of the Idaho Mediation Association. She has a...
Nina Meierding has been involved in the conflict resolution field for over 30 years and has mediated over 4,000 cases. She has provided training in over 45 states, as well as internationally. Nina has been involved in the field of special education for over four decades, receiving her Masters in Special Education in 1977, teaching in a residential program and a public school resource program, serving as an attorney for parents, as a mediator for the California State Department of Education, as a trainer of special education mediators, and most recently as the mediation partner for the...