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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

NC - Early Steps 5 Steps to Becoming Your Infant or Toddler's Best Advocate

NH - Highlights_Informal_ThirdParty_Discussion.pdf

NH PIC - Workshops on Special Education Laws, Process and the IEP

OK - Communication Rack Card

OK - Communication Rack Card

OSEP established a Dispute Resolution Cluster Group to compile and present information on APR/SPP activities. At the August 2007 OSEP Leadership Conference this Cluster Group members presented information on Dispute Resolution activities reported by states, opportunities for collaboration to ensure effective implementation of Procedural Safeguards, and to feature states with effective programs. The documents below are PDF versions of the PowerPoint presentations.

PA - Communication Tips for Building Strong Partnerships

PA - Creating Agreement Brochure

PA - ECC Request Form October 2013.pdf

PA - ECC-Brochure-English-November-2013

PA - ECC-Brochure_Spanish_November2013.pdf

PA - Evaluation Conciliation Conference Procedures10_03_13.pdf

PA - Is Your Child Having Difficulty in School Brochure

PA - Letter with Stakeholder Council Composition

PA - ODR Focus Group Meeting Minutes (6/30/04)

PA - People-First Language Publication

PA - Spanish - Communication Tips for Building Strong Partnerships

PA - Spanish - Creating Agreement Brochure

PA - Training Videos - What to Expect at a Due Process Hearing

PACER - Resolving Disagreements Through the Special Education Process Webinar