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This library contains CADRE resources as well as State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources. Please note that CADRE makes no endorsement of the State, Lead Agency and Parent Center resources included here, nor of any policies, procedures, processes, or documents specific to any item.

AFC - Advocacy Skills - A Guide to Help You Advocate for Your Child's Educational Rights

AL - 60-Day Special Education Complaint Letter

AL - Request for Impartial Due Process Hearing

AL - Request for Special Education Mediation

APEC - Resolving Disputes in Special Education

ASK - Communication Matters

ASK - Improving Communication: Tips for Parents and Educators

Breaking Barriers: Reaching the Hard to Reach - Webinar

CT - School Family Community Partnerships_PolicyGuidance_PositionStatement

DC - State Complaint LOD Proactive Disclosure Guidelines

DE - Delaware Mediation Feedback Form

ECAC - 2020 Family Engagement Month Call for Proposal

ECAC - Race and Ethnic Background in Special Education

In partnership with Learning for Equity: A Network for Solutions (LENS-NC), ECAC spoke with families and educators from across the state to discuss the impact of race and ethnic background on students with learning disabilities. This 15 minute video explores: conversations about equity in special education with family members and educators across the state systems-level data displaying disproportionate representation among students of color the challenges of defining "normal" or "appropriate" in a complex and diverse society
Introduction The introduction to this sourcebook stresses the need for schools, communities, and families to work together to educate children to be productive and caring 21 st century citizens. American families are described as more diverse than ever before, spanning cultures, languages, levels of education, and socioeconomic and demographic differences. Family involvement is defined in an expansive way to include and recognize the value of a broad spectrum of activities that involve family members and/or guardians helping children to learn, both at home and at school. Barriers that limit...
Engaging Parents in Productive Partnerships is an easy-to-read presentation of suggestions on how educators and service providers can effectively collaborate with parents including specific recommendations for IEP meetings. Tell us what you think of the document, please click here to take a short survey. (link is external) To order copies of this publication, please fill out this order form.
Bienvenidos a la presentación de CADRE sobre el entendimiento de las posturas y los intereses. CADRE, como quizás usted sepa, es el Centro Nacional de Asistencia Técnica para la Resolución de las Disputas en la Educación Especial. Nuestro objetivo es el de asistir al público a entender mejor una alternativa constructiva para la negociación de las posturas.
Bienvenidos a la presentación de CADRE sobre "Escuchar." CADRE, como quizás ud. sepa, es el Centro Técnico Nacional de Asistencia para la Resolución de las Disputas en la Educación Especial. Nuestro objetivo aquí es el de asistir a las personas a entender los tres elementos críticos para escuchar: Mantener el enfoque en la otra persona escuchar en forma afectiva y con empatía demostrar entendimiento

FFF - Promoting Equity In Education Through Family Engagement (Fact Sheet)

FFF - Promoting Equity In Education Through Family Engagement (Video)

FL - STC Brochure in English-2013

FND - Connecting Across All Differences

FND - Parent-Teacher Conferences

GA - Self Determination Manual

IA - Iowa Redaction Protocol 2020