This process involves intervening with parents and schools by telephone as soon as a request for assistance has been made. The inquiry by the parent is viewed as an opportunity for the office to help clarify the problem, identify informal ways of addressing the matter, and proceed with resolving the situation when appropriate. In some states, this is a function of the department’s intake procedures; in other states, it is a more formal process where callers who articulate a concern or problem are referred. 

Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution services.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an informal process for resolving conflicts early.

San Joaquin County SELPA develops and provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) strategies and training to its staff since 2000. One of the most widely accessed components of the Alternative Dispute Resolution program is Intake Coordination.

The Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) at the Ohio Department of Education provides an Education Program Specialist (EPS) available by telephone and email to provide further explanation about federal and state laws relating to special education, describe the options that are available to paren

Arizona’s Early Resolution program provides a toll-free number and email address for families to contact an Early Resolution Specialist when all means of resolving a special education issue at the local level have been exhausted and they are considering more formal dispute resolution options.



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