The Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) at the Ohio Department of Education provides an Education Program Specialist (EPS) available by telephone and email to provide further explanation about federal and state laws relating to special education, describe the options that are available to parents, inform parents of procedural safeguards, identify other agencies and support services, and describe available remedies and how parents can proceed. This is an informal process that may alleviate the need to file a formal written complaint or due-process complaint.

Program Access & Delivery: 

Program Access and Delivery

When a family calls:

  • The EPS will provide clarification about federal and state Special Education laws and how to understand them specifically to the child.
  • The EPS will offer steps or different ideas to help solve the issues the family is having with the child’s school.
  • EPS will provide information for additional dispute resolution processes such as Mediation, Facilitation, Formal Complaints, and Due Process Complaints.

Other services may be needed:

  • If the EPS cannot answer all of the family's questions or the problem or concern is not under the jurisdiction of IDEA or the Operating Standards, the EPS will give the caller other resources to contact.
  • Other resources with which EPS can connect the family with could include the school district administration, other offices within the Ohio Department of Education (such as the Office for Professional Conduct), or outside agencies or organizations (such as the Office for Civil Rights).

Contact Information
 Call: (877) 644-6338
 Contact via email:

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