Stakeholder training is aimed at equipping stakeholders - parents, educators, service providers, advocates and others - with skills that enhance their capacity to communicate, negotiate and prevent conflict from escalating. A wide variety of topics may be included in the training curriculum and the learning setting can vary from short workshops provided to small groups, to all-day courses provided at state-wide conferences. 

The Partners Resource Network (PRN) designed a Parent Leadership Training Program specifically for parents of children with disabilities who are passionate about helping other parents understand the IEP/ARD process.

The goal of PACER’s parent leadership training program is to build the capacity of parents to advocate for educational systems change and give parents the tools they need to lead systems change at the local and state levels.

The SPAN Resource Parent (SRP) Program is an intensive training program designed to educate volunteers to help parents of children with disabilities and special healthcare needs to understand their rights and responsibilities under federal and state laws.

The California Department of Education (CDE) finds that the Alternative Dispute Resolution process is a desirable and effective practice that supports positive interactions and collaboration among parents and educators and the resolution of special education conflicts.

In 2013, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) recognized the need for more options to 1) prevent IEPs from moving into contentious and costly dispute processes, and 2) improve outcomes for students. As a result, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Board was formed to explore possible options. Ultimately, IEP Facilitation was the highly-promising practice that Colorado decided to pursue.

CDE provides trainings for IEP team members interested in improving their conflict resolution and facilitation skills and now also offers state-sponsored IEP facilitations. For more information on their state-sponsored IEP facilitation program, see their IEP Facilitation Continuum Practice.

Online Learning Series

The Working Together Series (available in Spanish and English) includes 5 interactive self-directed courses. These courses provide families and educators with a number of strategies for working together and through conflict. The Series includes a number of supplemental resources including a...Learn more


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