Stakeholder training is aimed at equipping stakeholders - parents, educators, service providers, advocates and others - with skills that enhance their capacity to communicate, negotiate and prevent conflict from escalating. A wide variety of topics may be included in the training curriculum and the learning setting can vary from short workshops provided to small groups, to all-day courses provided at state-wide conferences. 

The Training of the parent member of the CPSE/CSE is a professional development workshop designed to assist all parent members of the CPSE/CSE in building their base of knowledge about the Committee process and to fulfill their role on the Committee as defined by New York State regulations.

Working Together Online Learning Series

The Working Together Series includes five interactive self-directed courses. This foundational series for family members and educators includes the following courses: Course 1: Introduction to the Working Together Series - Available now! Course 2: IEP Meetings and Beyond - Available now! Course 3:...Learn more

ASPIRE promotes self-determination and self-advocacy skills to prepare students for educational, career, and independent living decisions that they will need to make in adulthood.

In 2016, the Council on Developmental Disabilities launched a new partnership with TN's Centers for Independent Living (CILs) on a multi-year initiative to provide training to transition-aged youth across the state.


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