Aimee Walsh
Chief Executive Officer
Direction Service/CADRE
PO Box 51360
Eugene, OR 97405
United States

Aimee Walsh has been with Direction Service for over 20 years and is the Chief Executive Officer. She previously served as the Associate Executive Director and as the program director of the Family Services program for more than ten years and launched the Wraparound Facilitation program for children and youth with significant behavioral health needs almost three years ago. Aimee received an M.S. in Special Education at the University of Oregon where she conducted research in the areas of family involvement and collaboration. She has spent nearly two decades studying, working and advocating for children, youth and families who experience disability or special needs. Throughout her career, she has been mentored by teachers, mediators and advocates who instilled a strong desire for social justice while developing collaboration and problem-solving skills. In her current role, Aimee is responsible for leadership, organization and coordination of all the agency’s programs and services. She continues to provide ongoing support and advocacy for families who have children with disabilities while building collaborative relationships between families, schools and other community partners. Aimee’s commitment to the community extends beyond the workplace. She currently serves as Commissioner on the City of Eugene’s Human Rights Commission, as well as, a member of the board of directors for several nonprofits.