CADRE has made a conscious effort to make this online series accessible to as many users as possible. We are continuing to work on certain aspects and testing various assistive technologies.  If you have problems accessing something or have a suggestion for improving the accessibility of the courses or supplemental materials, please email  In addition, if you encounter some accessibility issues, you may want to encourage the student(s) to partner with an adult or peer in the meantime. 

It is important to note that the accessibility features of the website that houses the Your Journey to Self-Determination series ( ) may be different than the accessibility features of the lessons and materials. 

Accessing the website

The website is mostly accessible to users with low vision, hearing impairment, physical impairment, and learning disability related to reading using the accessibility tools contained within the Windows 10 Ease of Access, Macintosh System Preferences>Accessibility, and Apple iOS>Accessibility operating systems.

Accessing the lessons

Navigation features of the lessons allow users to tab through options and select them by using the space bar (Keyboard navigation is only available in Internet Explorer. An error may appear when closing the lesson in IE, however, data is still recorded).  Closed captioning for users with hearing impairments is provided for all spoken parts of the lessons.  The spoken text of the lessons provides access for users with visual impairments by explaining the important concepts presented visually onscreen. However, users who are blind will likely need the assistance of a sighted partner to access the interactive portions of the lessons or they will need to use a screen reader with the course transcripts.  Users with learning disabilities related to reading should be able to access the lessons when provided with a particular assistive technology tool, which will be described below. 

Recommended read aloud tool

Don Johnston Snap and Read Universal (free for 7 days, then $3.99/month)

  • Chrome extension
  • Takes screenshots and reads aloud
  • Simplifies difficult text
  • Translates selected text to desired language
  • Captures and creates outlines with selected text
  • Able to access all interactive content using screenshot and read aloud feature (speaker button on toolbar)
  • Some inconsistency with accuracy of read aloud; second try is usually better

Recommended browsers and zooming practices for students with visual impairments


  • Zoom to 175% in website allows the user to see the entire page by scrolling
  • Zoom at 200% in website allows the user to only see the Welcome title, User name field, Password field, Log in button, and Powered by information
  • No zoom is available within lesson content, however clicking and dragging the corner of frame can enlarge window as can the use of the maximize button


  • Same as Edge