Date Published: Apr 30, 2008
Project Forum, National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE)
Henderson, K.

This In-Depth Policy Analysis is the result of findings based on a survey sent to all special education units of state education agencies. The survey requested information about the use of 10 alternative dispute resolution processes not specifically required under IDEA, the extent of their use, and other information. The 10 processes studied are:   

Conflict resolution skills training;   

Stakeholder management or oversight council;   Parent-to-parent assistance;   

Dispute resolution case managers;   

Telephone intermediary;   

IEP facilitation;   

Third-party opinion or consultation processes;   

Early complaint resolution; and   

Resolution meeting facilitation.  


Each of these processes is defined and findings are described under each process. Factors that impact the use of these processes are discussed and conclusions are drawn.  (Abstract from publisher)