Date Published: Aug 31, 2005
Rural Special Education Quarterly
Scheffel, D. L., Rude, H. A., & Bole, P. T.
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The major purpose of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and its legislative predecessor: has shifted in the past 25 years from simply providing access to educational services to an emphasis on providing meaningful, measurable, and accountable programs to students with disabilities (Katsiyannis, Yell, & Bradley, 2001). These changes have resulted in more students seeking services and legal protection under IDEA. These changes have also made school districts and particularly rural districts more vulnerable to parent initiated due process proceedings. A qualitative case study was conducted using data from several rural school districts in Kansas. Data were triangulated and summarized into five key principles. These five principles are offered to guide rural school districts in avoiding special educational due process proceedings. (Abstract from author)