In 2011, CADRE convened an IEP Facilitation Intensive TA Workgroup, which includes staff members from six state education agencies (CT, GA, ID, IL, OH, TX) and CADRE staff. The group meets regularly by teleconference and web meeting, and is focused on identifying and developing resources, model policies and procedures relating to IEP facilitation.

While this page is a repository of TA communications and shared resources for the group, it is also available to the public. Use or reproduction of any of the materials on this page is allowed and permission to copy is not required. Please give recognition to the appropriate author/organization.

General IEP Facilitation Resources

 IEP Facilitation Background & Context
& IEP Facilitator Job Description
-- IEP Facilitation Info
Model Expectations of IEP Facilitator Conduct -- Model Expectations
What Is/Is Not a Facilitator (from Tricia Bergin Lytton) -- Facilitator Is/Is Not
Facilitated IEP Meetings: An Emerging Practice -- Facilitated IEP Meetings
Model Intake Form for Facilitated IEP Meeting Requests -- Model Intake Form
Action Plan Template word documentAction Plan

Click here to link to Facilitated IEP Meeting Video Training Resources

Facilitated IEP Meeting Evaluation Tools

Post-Facilitated IEP Meeting Survey
(to be provided to participants at conclusion of meeting, or shortly thereafter)
--  Post-Meeting Survey
 Facilitated IEP Meeting Survey for Facilitator -- Facilitator Survey
Example of an Online/Web-Based FIEP Needs Assessment Survey (from Georgia DOE) -- Online Survey
Facilitated IEP Follow-up Survey
(to be provided to participants 3-6 months after meeting)
-- Follow-up Survey


IEP Facilitator Self-Assessment Tools

Introduction to Self-Assessment Evaluation Instruments -- Self-Assessment Intro
Facilitator's Self-Assessment Tool -- Self-Assessment Tool
Facilitator's Checklist for Facilitated IEP Meetings -- Meeting Checklist

Additional resources for Facilitated IEP Meetings can be found in
CADRE's Main Library