Below are resources specific to national data.

National Dispute Resolution Data Summary - Updated September 2022: The purpose of this summary is to provide a historical look at dispute resolution data and to assist with the identification of trends and changes in the use of the IDEA dispute resolution processes over time. A screen reader friendly version of this document is coming soon.

SPP/APR Indicator Summary and Analysis: These documents contain the 2022 (FFY 2020-21) SPP/APR Analyses for the Dispute Resolution Indicators (B15 & B16 and C9 & C10). For the complete 2020 Analyses completed by OSEP-funded Technical Assistance and Dissemination projects visit OSEP's GRADS 360 SPP/APR Resources webpage.

Trends in Dispute Resolution under the IDEA - Updated September 2022: This one page CADRE document details recent trends in the use of dispute resolution procedures to resolve special education disagreements.

IDEA Data Briefs: Due Process Complaints/Hearings, Written State Complaints, Mediation: This series of briefs examines eleven years of IDEA dispute resolution activity, concluding in 2014-15.