Below are resources specific to national data.

National Dispute Resolution Data Summary - Updated November 2020: The purpose of this summary is to provide an historical look at dispute resolution data and to assist with the identification of trends and changes in the use of the IDEA dispute resolution processes over time.

SPP/APR Indicator Summary and Analysis: These documents contain the 2019 (FFY 2018) SPP/APR Analyses for the Dispute Resolution Indicators (B15 & B16 and C9 & C10). For the complete 2019 Analyses completed by OSEP-funded Technical Assistance and Dissemination projects visit OSEP's GRADS 360 SPP/APR Resources webpage.

PDF icon Trends in Dispute Resolution under the IDEA - Updated November 2020: This one page CADRE document details recent trends in the use of dispute resolution procedures to resolve special education disagreements.

IDEA Data Briefs: Due Process Complaints/Hearings, Written State Complaints, Mediation: This series of briefs examines eleven years of IDEA dispute resolution activity, concluding in 2014-15.