Below are data tools that may be useful in analyzing, collecting and reporting data.

UPDATED Data Drill Tool: CADRE's Data Drill Tool was designed to support Part B APR submissions (Indicators B15 and B16) but may be used for Part C (Indicators C9 and C10).  This Tool can also help states take a closer look at important information underlying their dispute resolution data.  Much of the data in dispute resolution requests, such as demographics, identified issues, and which school districts are involved, can be useful to states interested in evaluating systems and planning for training and improvement activities. We recommend watching the short video demonstration below. If you have additional questions about how to use this Tool, please contact Melanie Reese at 

Dispute Resolution Data Element Crosswalk:  A crosswalk of the data elements used to report IDEA-related dispute resolution activity for Part B (Table 7) and Part C (Table 4).  This crosswalk references changes in the dispute resolution data elements from 2004 through 2012.

FIEP Data Collection Tool: This tool can be used to collect data specific to your FIEP system, similar to what is collected for mediation and due process in Table 7.

Cost Comparison of Dispute Resolution Activities Tool: CADRE developed this tool to support State Education Agencies (SEA) in collecting and analyzing SEA dispute resolution costs, and if possible, the dispute resolution costs incurred by Local Education Agencies (LEA). Although this tool was specifically designed for SEAs, LEAs may wish to use the LEA COSTS tab and accompanying charts on the RESULTS tab for their own data collection and analysis efforts. The goal of this project was to define a universally applicable methodology for comparing the financial impact of different dispute resolution options, primarily a comparative financial analysis of Facilitated IEP Meetings (FIEP), Written State Complaints (WSC), Mediation and Due Process.

Cost Comparison Tool with Mock Data 

Cost Comparison Tool with Blank Data