Kerry Voss Smith is the Director of the Pennsylvania Office for Dispute Resolution, which provides the resources for parents and educators to resolve special education disputes. In addition to due process and mediation services, ODR also offers IEP and Resolution Meeting Facilitation; ConsultLine (a parent helpline); and communication and conflict resolution skills training. Kerry was employed by the Department of Education's Office of Chief Counsel for two years prior to ODR, where she spent the majority of her time handling federal special education litigation.

The interviews below were conducted in 2010 as part of CADRE's Exemplar Initiative.

Clip 1: What is the one thing you know now that you wish you had known when you began your job?

Clip 2: For almost two years now, you, CADRE and three other states have been exploring the nature of dispute resolution systems. How has that experience affected your thinking?

Clip 3: How have you engaged with the Parent Training and Information Centers in your state? What has been the benefit of these efforts?

Clip 4: Your state is very committed to stakeholder training. Tell us about your work in that area and the effect that it's having.

Clip 5: Pennsylvania has worked to respond to Part C disagreements within your dispute resolution system. What activities related to Part C outreach and service delivery have been particularly productive?

Contact Information:

Kerry Voss Smith
Pennsylvania Office for Dispute Resolution
6340 Flank Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17112