Jim Gerl is a special education law consultant, is licensed to practice law in West Virginia, Illinois and the District of Columbia, and is the author of the award winning Special Education Law Blog. He has spoken on special education law topics at numerous state, regional and national conferences, and is a regular faculty member for the conferences of the National Association of Hearing Officials. Jim has trained hearing officers from all states, and works with a number of state departments of education.

Clip 1: You've had extensive experience with due process hearings as a hearings officer, as a trainer, as a consultant. As you think about all of your experience is there particular advice that you have for hearing officers?

Clip 2: Are there attributes of due process hearing systems that you feel particularly relate to high quality, timely decisions?

Clip 3: You've been a special education mediator, as well as a hearing officer, for a long time. Do you favor one or the other procedure or have opinions with regard to them?

Clip 4: As you think about training, are there essential or critical components of training that you believe it's important to have as part of a training program?