Greg Abell is the Principal at Sound Options Group, LLC, which is responsible for the delivery of all special education mediation services for the State of Washington.  He also consults nationally in the design and delivery of ADR systems. Prior to entering the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Greg spent fifteen years in public education, eleven of those years working in special education.

Clip 1: Are there lessons that you've learned over the years?

Clip 2: You've been doing a lot of work around leadership and leadership coaching and I wonder, as you think about that work, what are some of the most important concepts or ideas that really influence your thinking?

Clip 3: IEP and IFSP meetings represent critical opportunities for parents and schools, early intervention providers, to sit down and develop a shared vision about a child and their educational program. Do you have thoughts about how those moments can be most advantageously used?

Clip 4: Remaining thoughts you might have?

Contact Information:

Greg Abell
Sound Options Group, LLC
PO Box 11457
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-5457