Fran Fletcher is an Assistant Policy Scientist in the Conflict Resolution Program of the University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration. She manages Delaware's Special Education Mediation program and assists in the design and delivery of training and provides consultative services for parents and school districts on the topic of special education.

Clip 1: You've done a lot of really wonderful work in the area of IEP and IFSP facilitation. Are there strategies that you believe work particularly well in those meetings?

Clip 2: As you think about a new special ed teacher who is headed out to host and facilitate their first IEP meeting, is there advice you would give them?

Clip 3: What are some of the mistakes that people are likely to make at IEP meetings?

Clip 4: As you think about your career at the University of Delaware and your years of experience in facilitation and dispute resolution, are there lessons that you've learned that particularly sing to you?

Clip 5: Any remaining thoughts?

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University of Delaware
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