Recorded on November 6, 2014


About the Webinar: This webinar starts with a brief overview of the history and use of restorative justice practices to resolve conflict. This is followed by a description of the use of restorative practices in public education, with a spotlight on promising initiatives around the nation. Specific focus is placed on the use of restorative practices for students with disabilities and their families -- both as an alternative to exclusionary discipline, and as a tool for re-integration into the school setting.

About the Presenter: John Inglish is an Education Program Specialist with the Oregon Department of Education. Prior to ODE, John served as a research associate and director for Technical Assistance and Consulting Services -- an outreach unit housed in the University of Oregon's College of Education. John's early career history includes work as an instructional assistant, job coach, school-based Photo of John Inglishoccupational therapy practitioner, civil rights advocate, and attorney. He spent over 10 years providing services to students with disabilities in school districts in Utah, California, and Maine. Subsequently, he worked on education and other civil rights issues for the Disability Law Center of Utah. John's interests include procedural safeguards and dispute resolution under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), school discipline reform, juvenile justice, school-based mental health, assistive technology, and restorative justice. John holds undergraduate degrees in occupational therapy and psychology, a master's in public administration and policy, and a doctorate in law.

You can contact John Inglish at:
John Inglish,JD
Education Program Specialist
Oregon Department of Education
Office of Learning - Student Services

(503) 947-5797

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