About the Webinar: IDEA provisions for parent participation envisioned meaningful parent-school collaboration that could ultimately lead to positive student outcomes. Just like any relationship, this partnership requires hard work and commitment. Recent research has identified a number of effective, cost-efficient, and meaningful strategies that can promote meaningful parent-school partnerships through both conflict prevention and appropriate dispute resolution practices. Unfortunately, educators and parents are not always aware of how to implement such strategies. This webinar will explore the past and future direction for fostering the parent-school partnership when faced with the potential for conflict. ResearchPhoto of Tracy Mueller about issues and trends in conflict between the home and school, lessons learned, and practical strategies to promote meaningful parent-school collaboration will be presented. Moving this research to practice will ultimately benefit all parties involved so that the focus can move back to where it should be: promoting positive student outcomes.

About the Presenter: Dr. Tracy Gershwin Mueller is an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Colorado. Tracy specializes in interventions for children and youth with challenging behaviors, family-school partnerships, and appropriate dispute resolution in special education. Tracy’s research and practice focuses on identifying conflict resolution strategies that empower educational team members and maintain the parent-school partnership.