CADRE has profiled four exemplary state special education dispute resolution systems:  Iowa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  Each of the state's profiles is available individually and all four profiles are included in a single combined document.

In all four of these states, the Early Intervention (Part C) dispute resolution system is managed by the same entity that manages the Part B system.  Oklahoma has adopted Part B timelines for their Part C system. 

These profiles present an overview of each state's system, focusing on some common aspects of state system performance and emphasizing the organizational characteristics that seem to be critical for successful operation.  While these four states represent how effective systems can be unique, it is worth noting that they share common attributes.  Among these are high levels of stakeholder involvement, investment in early upstream dispute resolution processes, use of technical and content expertise, active participation in the CADRE Dispute Resolution Community of Practice, engagement in continuous quality improvement practices and thorough documentation of systems.

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