Edward Feinberg, Ph.D., Philip Moses, M.A., Anita Engiles, J.D., Amy Whitehorne, J.D., Marshall Peter, M.S.

This publication was developed to better understand issues related to when parents or caregivers are having difficulty working together, especially during IEP team meetings. The document includes both preventative and responsive strategies and approaches from a variety of sources, including research on the effects of parenting a child with a disability on parent and family relationships, literature on conflict resolution practices, and data collected through surveys and interviews. Children’s best interests are served when all members of the IEP team cooperate to design the IEP. Properly prepared and appropriately skilled IEP team members — administrators, educators, related service providers, the student, and parents alike — can improve the dynamics and interactions among team members in service of this goal.

Discover the companion webinar to this publication, Practical Strategies for Helping Parents in Conflict: Assisting Divorced or Estranged Parents Through the IEP Process, hosted by Dr. Ed Feinberg.

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