IEP facilitation is a new dispute resolution method developed by the Louisiana Department of Education. This option is available to parents and school districts when they both agree that it would be valuable to have a neutral person, such as an IEP Facilitator, present at an IEP meeting to assist them in discussing issues regarding your child?s IEP. Typically, an IEP Facilitator is brought in when parents and school district staff are having difficulties communicating with one another regarding the needs of the student. The IEP Facilitator assists in creating an atmosphere for fair communication and also oversees the successful drafting of an IEP for the student.
System Oversight, Infrastructure and Organization: 

System Design/Management

The program is administered by the Division of Special Populations at the Louisiana Department of Education.

Forms/Letter Templates

LA - IEP Facilitation-Request Form

Practitioner Standards & Professional Development: 

Practitioner Qualifications

The Division of Special Populations uses an open RFP process to identify individuals from a variety of backgrounds that suit their IEP facilitator needs. Facilitators are independent contractors assigned by the Division. They have been trained in IEP facilitation and IEP procedures.

Public Awareness & Outreach Activities: 

Availability/Accessing Services

Either parent or district can request IEP Facilitation; however, since the process is voluntary, both sides shall agree to participate in the IEP facilitation process. Like mediation, the IEP facilitation is initiated by request to the LDE, and is at no cost to the parents or districts. Regulations also provide that deadlines for due process hearings and administrative complaints may be extended if the parties agree in order to engage in a facilitated IEP. A State statute also provides protections for both IEP facilitators and mediators against testifying in subsequent proceedings.