Presented by: 
Stephanie Weaver, MBA, & Lenore Knudtson, J.D.
July 10, 2018 -
11:30am - 12:45pm

Note: A captioned version and transcript will be available soon!

About the Webinar:

EMPATHY, not ownership. 

Is it possible for you to support others through difficult moments, demonstrate authentic compassion, or connect through kindness without owning the beliefs, issues, or problems of others?  

YES, with EMPATHY.  

Empathy is an amazing gift -- to others and to yourself.  The ability to help others without owning their problems is energizing. The willingness to widen your circle of concern to include people unlike you is empowering. Empathy can foster better understanding of others and help move you toward more productive conversations.

Parents, school staff, mediators, intake coordinators, and anyone who interacts with others will benefit from this information. Join us to learn more about empathy, widen your circle of concern, and increase your emotional intelligence.

About the Presenters:

Stephanie Weaver is a principal partner in Pingora Consulting, LLC. She offers over twelve years of experience in state education agency administration, strategic planning, fiscal controls and program improvement. Business finance and data analysis expertise served as the foundation for Ms. Weaver’s career, which proved invaluable as she followed her heart Photo of Stephanie Weaver(and her parents) into a career in the field of education. Now considered a national expert and an indispensable resource on all matters pertaining to special education, school finance, and refining education systems, Ms. Weaver is regularly engaged to work with school districts and states in programmatic finance, data analysis, legal compliance, and systems management.

The transition to education immersed Ms. Weaver in new challenges, all of which she welcomed. Her ability to assimilate new information quickly and share her knowledge with others facilitated her promotion to the Deputy Director of Special Education position within the Wyoming Department of Education. She has earned a national reputation as a leader in special education, as she has been invited to participate in several national workgroups focused on special education policy and technical assistance. Ms. Weaver’s diverse skill-set, knowledge base, and team building skills have uniquely positioned her for her most recent and exciting challenge, the development of Pingora Consulting, LLC.

Ms. Weaver holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with honors from Montana State University, Bozeman and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Wyoming. As a life-long learner, Ms. Weaver has expanded her knowledge and skills to include certification as a mediator. She incorporates the facilitation and team building expertise of a professional mediator across all aspects of her profession, making her an expert in working with diverse groups and building cohesive workplace teams.

Lenore Knudtson's career has been shaped by her diverse experiences, and these experiences have guided her on many paths. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master of Science in Education, Ms. Knudtson began her career as a school psychologist working with school teams, parents, and children. This ignited a passion for special education and improving the lives of children and young adults with disabilities.Photo of Lenore Knudtson

Ms. Knudtson’s journey led her to law school. She earned a Juris Doctor degree with honors from William Mitchell College of Law while working full-time as a psychologist with significantly challenged young adults. After law school, Ms. Knudtson began a new career involving special education law and substantive compliance. Working with states, school districts, parents, and advocates across the nation has provided a Ms. Knudtson with opportunities for career enjoyment far exceeding her expectations.

Currently, Ms. Knudtson’s career has culminated in a rich blend of issues focusing on education and dispute resolution. She is certified as a mediator, and serves as a mediator, complaint investigator, and hearing officer in several states. Ms. Knudtson provides professional development in education and dispute resolution, and speaks to audiences across the nation. In 2012, Ms. Knudtson joined with Stephanie Weaver to create Pingora Consulting, LLC, offering an array of services focusing on education, dispute resolution, systems building, and legal compliance.

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