Presented by: 
CADRE and Carolyn Hayer
May 24, 2022 -
11:00am - 12:30pm

About the Webinar: Are you looking for ways to engage the IEP team in discussion on challenging topics such as student regression, recovery services, or compensatory education?  These are critical conversations when students are not meeting their IEP goals, made all the more urgent by changes in the delivery of services during the pandemic.  Raising concerns regarding lack of student progress or unmet needs may be awkward or unpleasant, but manageable.  Join us to learn techniques and strategies families can use in their advocacy efforts to approach and take part in difficult conversations.

Photograph of Carolyn Hayer

About the Presenter: Carolyn has been working in the field of parent and family advocacy for over twenty-five years. She is currently the Senior Program Director of National and Regional Projects at SPAN Parent Advocacy Network in NJ. As Director of the Center for Parent Information and Resources, Carolyn and her team work to provide information and products to build capacity of the close to 100 Parent Centers across the country who assist and serve families of children with disabilities. In her various roles at SPAN, Carolyn has conducted presentations at the local, state and national levels on topics related to health and education advocacy, family-professional partnerships, and family and youth leadership development. She is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree from Rutgers University.