Presented by: 
Candace Hawkins, Diana Cruz, Leila Peterson
March 7, 2017 - 11:30am

About the Webinar: Increasingly, restorative approaches to discipline are being recognized as promising alternatives to suspension and expulsion.  Focusing on the field of special education, this webinar will explore the use of restorative practices beyond school discipline.  Members of School Talk/Restorative DC will join us to talk about the different ways that restorative practices are being used in DC area schools, including how restorative approaches may be valuable in IEP meetings.  In addition, we will explore the potential of restorative approaches for preventing and resolving special education disputes.

Presenters: Leila Peterson, School Talk/Restorative DC, Candace Hawkins, CADRE's Policy Analyst, and Diana Cruz, CADRE's Dispute Resolution Specialist

View the recording. You can download the PowerPoint and transcript here: File Expanding the Circle -Final 3.7.17.pptx

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