A Stakeholder Council advises education system administrators and dispute resolution program managers on the development of policies and procedures that regulate the system. Such councils provide ongoing input from a variety of perspectives to help guide and influence the functioning and improvement of dispute resolution systems. The group typically includes representatives from parent and advocacy organizations, special education administrators, attorneys, and dispute resolution practitioners. In some cases, a stakeholder council is a sub-committee of the state’s special education advisory committee; in other cases it is a free-standing entity. 

Using Conflict Resolution to Empower Educators, Empower Parents, Guarantee Due Process, Address Discrimination and Achieve Educational Goals

Justice afforded by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”), is largely dependent on: 1) the parent’s and educator’s knowledge of the responsibilities and limitations under this law and others, and 2) the parent’s and educator’s ability to effectively advocate their respective positions for the student and work together productively to either prevent disputes or resolve them when they arise. While IDEA specifically requires the dissemination of “procedural safeguards” and school district personnel are specifically trained in special education, little importance is given to...



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