An FIEP is an option available at the request of schools and parents for conflict prevention and resolution. This service is provided at no cost to parents or schools. A trained impartial professional (facilitator) helps the case conference committee with the IEP process. 

The facilitator:

  • Keeps the meeting focused on the student;
  • Ensures everyone at the table has a voice;
  • Encourages active listening by all participants;
  • Helps to keep team members on task and within the time allotted for the meeting;
  • Maintains impartiality and does not take sides, place blame or determine if a particular decision is right or wrong; and
  • Is not a committee member and does not impose a decision on the group.
System Oversight, Infrastructure and Organization: 

System Design/Management

When FIEP Might be Needed: 

A parent or school might consider requesting an FIEP when:

  • The case conference committee is spending more time trying to resolve conflicts than working on activities that promote student achievement and      
  • Multiple case conferences have been convened with little or no resolution;
  • One or more case conference committee members believes their voice is not being heard;
  • There is a lot of new information to be processed or the student’s situation is particularly complex;
  • Team members would like to create better understanding;
  • Team members want help staying focused on the IEP process; or
  • There is a particular disagreement that the team wants to make progress on.

What Happens Next?

  • An intake coordinator will contact the requestor by phone.
  • If approved, it will be assigned to a trained facilitator.
  • The facilitator will contact both the school and the parent.
  • The facilitator will attend/facilitate your scheduled IEP meeting.
  • The facilitator will gather feedback on the FIEP process from the parent and school staff.

Forms/Letter Templates:

IN - FIEPRequestForm.pdf

Public Awareness & Outreach Activities: 

Availability/Accessing Services:

  1. Download the request form or call the IEPRC office at (317) 757-8297 to have the form sent to you.
  2. Complete the form, with signatures from both the parent and the school
  3. Submit the form via fax (317-672-2839) or by mailing to: FIEP Services

Indiana IEP Resource Center
7916 Zionsville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268


Informational video about the program: