Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers a number of Alternative Dispute Resolution services.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an informal process for resolving conflicts early. It is a process that uses communication,  collaboration, and negotiation in order to resolve a disagreement or dispute. ADR is a voluntary, confidential process that can proactively resolve issues and differences with respect and cooperation.

System Oversight, Infrastructure and Organization: 

Newport-Mesa Unified School District offers the following ADR services:

Compliance Assistance
Guidance is provided related to student-specific concerns, as well as suggestions and options for resolving compliance and procedural issues related to the special education department and school site practices. 

Facilitated or Collaborative Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings
Facilitation for IEP meetings enables the team to build and improve strong relationships among team members and reach true consensus. The facilitator assists the team in building understanding and agreement and brings out the best in all group members.

Solutions Panel
A diverse group of specialist can convene a meeting with you to listen and reflect upon concerns you have for your student.  The panel can make recommendations for the school site IEP team to consider. 

Resolution Meetings
The session uses a problem-solving method that brings disputing people or parties together to reach a mutually satisfying agreement. Under the guidance of the Director, the parties will attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.  

Program Access & Delivery: 

Intake Process

District staff is available to discuss special education related issues on a confidential basis and provide information to a party relevant to his or her concerns or issues.

When a call for assistance is placed by you to (714) 424-8923, you will be asked to provide information related to your issue.

The District will gather pertinent information regarding the issues.  A specialist will respond to your phone call within 48 hours (response time will be longer on weekends and holidays). The specialist will listen to the concerns and help identify key issues and interests. Information about special education laws and practices may be provided, if relevant.  

The specialist will explain how the ADR program and its components work, then determine the best option for resolution.

Public Awareness & Outreach Activities: 

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